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Shadow service is a photo editing service. We often see that there is a natural shadow in an image. Often these shadows create the illusion that something is standing or doing something in the background. Shadowing has become very popular nowadays. In magazines and photo shoot, we often see reflection created by the shadow service. Proper shadowing of an image increases the beauty of the picture a lot. It also makes the image looks more natural.

Types of shadowing offered by our shadow service

Natural Shadowing

If you edit an image for several times, it can end up having an artificial look which is not expected as you are trying to edit the picture to look more natural. So the results can be unexpected and disappointing at the same time as you have done an excellent editing job on your product’s image but it does not give you the ultimate satisfaction. For such cases using a natural shadow can certainly solve the problem and change the perception of the photograph in a moment. It is an easy job for the experts like us to bring a natural shadow of the products into the picture. In today’s world of e-commerce, people look for products which seem natural to them and by using natural shadowing to your picture you can give the similar vibe to them.

Most of the time, the artificial look of a photo disappoint the viewers. Without a shadow, the photos look incomplete. That why natural shadowing is so important. Our shadowing service is very efficient in this kind of editing. Most of the time, natural shadowing is done on the white background. Most of the users for natural shadowing are e-commerce business person where products need to be presented without any flaw.

The process, we follow, Without a background image looks clear and worthy. After that, we place a white background behind the image to make it more clear and gorgeous. White background helps a lot to draw the shadow around the picture. Finally, we add the shadow wherever it needs. This shadow makes a product so simple and natural to look at.

Natural shadowing makes a product image so real and attractive. It looks so nice, and the customer wants to get the details of the product after watching natural and gorgeous look. We ensure the natural look through our quality work.

Drop Shadowing

Whenever an object is raised from the surface, we get a shadow of the object which appears due to the exposure of light from a specific direction. Having such a shadow of in a picture can change the vibe of the picture and given a substantial depth to it. From the viewer’s perspective, the picture seems more to get a personal attachment with your products’ picture. By editing with drop shadowing, you can certainly uplift the expression and design of your product and attract the client more towards it.

Another important technique of shadowing is called the drop shadowing. If you raise a thing or an object from a surface or ground, then there will be a shadow in the background. cannot be able to differentiate that whether the object is raised from the surface or not. The drop shadow makes a picture or image more natural and eye catching.

Drop shadowing is mainly used to increase the lucrativeness of a product and very famous in the e- commerce site and fashion magazines. It is very hard to make the drop shadowing perfect. The process includes layers of styles.

We manage these layers with a skilled hand. We offer better drop shadow service to make

Reflection Creating

Usually, in any natural photograph, there is always some reflection of the objects which appears in front of them. So in the case of reflecting shadowing, a reflection of the object is added in front of the object in the photograph. Such an editing gives the photograph a more natural vibe and viewers feel the products shown in the picture are realer. Adding a quality reflection to the picture is a work of experts like us who can do the job If anyone is looking for the better quality image, then he or she can certainly find out the differences by looking at the pictures which have reflections and which have none.

Another shadow service of us is Reflection Creating. If you see a photo reflected in the mirror or water, then you will notice that it includes a very thin shadow. Editing shadow for this kind of picture is called reflected shadow. Most of the time, the reflected shadows in a picture is not clear. So our shadowing service does the editing work and makes the image better looking.

There is four kinds of photo clipping or photo editing is available in our photo clipping service. These services are:

  1. The basic clipping path service or simple clipping service.
  2. The Compound clipping path service.
  3. The Complex clipping path service and
  4. The super complex clipping path service.

General users of clipping path service

  • People or companies who do computerized visual works.
  • People or companies who take advanced pictures.
  • Companies who are in the photography business.
  • Publicizing organizations.
  • Houses which are configured in web.
  • Organizations in index business.
  • Organizations in the printing business.

Reflection makes an image so cool to look at. It brings a water effect around the selected image. as well.

Sometimes the shadow if a picture seems darker and it ruins the look of the picture. We make the shadow looking softer and natural.

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