Ghost mannequin service or neck joint service

Ghost mannequin service plays a vital role in garment industries. It is also important for the professional photographers and the magazine owners. In a simple word, people who are linked with selling clothes on an e-commerce site will feel the necessity of the ghost mannequin service or neck joint service.

Ghost mannequin or neck joint service

Ghost mannequin service is a process of taking off the human body or the mannequin from a picture. This is a vital process through which we can able to remove the object of the body. As a result, we can see the natural shape. Sometimes the ghost mannequin effect is also used ensure that the image manipulation.

Things that are done for ghost mannequin or neck mannequin

  • Color adjustment.
  • Remove the background of the photo.
  • White balance. It is also called the transparent color contrast or transparent mannequin.
  • Removing the unwanted or unnecessary objects from a photo. Etc.

The using of a ghost mannequin service is getting popular nowadays. If you are in a fashion industry, then the neck mannequin or transparent mannequin is essential for you. We can able to deliver you all kind of solutions regarding neck mannequin, whether it is a standard picture or neckless picture. This is the best way to attract the customers in garment industry.

The mannequin layers destroy the attractiveness of a photo. Customers do not give that many responses because it does not look good. Our ghost mannequin service helps to hide these mannequin layers into a product.  Without proper neck mannequin, you cannot send the photos of cloths to the customers.

The working process of our ghost mannequin service or neck mannequin service

You will find a lot of ghost mannequin services in the market.  Because of the fashion industries, this mannequin neck market is so demandable right now. But you cannot get many services like us. Cause we use Adobe Photoshop to edit the images. This software is standard. Most of the other services on the market use the automatic software. An output of the automated software will never able to achieve the quality like us.

Our image processing starts with multiple images both from the front and the rear view. These pictures are consisting of mannequins. Then we cropped the photos. We crop the photos and remove the mannequins from the picture. During this stage, we need to make sure that the appeal of the clothes remains same. Our designers make sure that the graphic works are hundred percent accurate. We do not only create invisible mannequins or transparent mannequins but also, we do other design works for image. You can also order us for

  • To remove the wrinkles from clothes.
  • We do work on the color of attire. Changing color of the cloth is one of them.
  • We have efficiency on background removal editing.
  • We can able to provide three hundred sixty degrees look.
  • We also liquefy the cloth images to explore or find out the perfect look.

Our ghost mannequin service has a group of very talented and professional designers. These designers are the expert on designing transparent mannequin. We fulfill 100 percent requirements of our customers.

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