Yes, you will surely get the trails of the work for getting sure about the quality of our service. It is a distinct part of our deals that you should understand the every step of our works and check the quality of the product by yourself.

Yes, surely we do. Our staffs are remarkably quite experienced and skilled in this particular field. We will change the background as per your wishes and then send this sample to you. So, you can check the quality of our services. If you have any further instructions for the image modification, then we will also work on that.

Yes, we offer some attractive discounts for the bulk images.

You can easily send different size and amount of the images. You should not think about the sizes or the quantities of the pictures at all. But, there is a slight problem here. Our online uploader will not be able to upload files that have files with sizes bigger than 64 MB. But you can get it more convenient to send multiple smaller sized files. If you have any files that are larger than 64 MB, you will need to use the FTP system.

The term “FTP” actually stands for file transfer protocols. It is a more suitable way to send data on the internet. FTP is more useful than other media, especially when it is used for the purpose of transferring bigger sized files. For the purpose of sending files by FTP, you first need to login to your FTP account. You need to send a request first for this login process. You will get all your login info within a very short time. For using FTP facility, you should have FTP client software. FileZilla is one of such software. You will also get multiple numbers of software available on the net, and you will also find most of them free for your usage.

We have always tried to make this sending and receiving the images options easier for our clients. You will be able to learn the details when you will visit our upload and download options. Some of the users also prefer to use FTP for the purpose of uploading and downloading the bigger images.Otherwise dropbox or wetransfer is best.

We can assure you that your FTP account is completely safe and secure for use. All of our clients have their individual FTP accounts with different and unique usernames and passwords. So, you will get this completely safe to use.

You can send any types or formats of the files. It might be TIFF, JPG, PSD or the other formats as well. Whatever is the format, you will get your work done with the best quality. Usually, we recommend sending JPG files as it will both save yours and our time. But you can absolutely feel free to send any type of format you just wish.

The format of the final images will completely depend upon your requirements. We have all sorts of arrangements of different format systems. If you only choose the clipping path, then it is better to use JPG format. But if you have some other demands like masking them, then we also have different format systems like PSD, PNG or TIFF. You should choose wisely about the format of the final images before paying the order. We are always on your requirement.

Absolutely not. As we have said earlier, we have a non-disclosure agreement with all of our staffs. So we can assure you that none of your personal info will be shared or used or sold out for any commercial purposes. After completing your task, all your images will be destroyed.

You can surely consider our 100% secured. Your safety is our prime concern. All of our staffs are very much professional. They are also in a non-disclosure agreement with the company. They are strictly instructed not to take any images of the clients out of the workplace or use them for any purposes apart from their service. We also ensure a highly protected and modern safety system. We have the latest antivirus in each of our computers. So, there is also a less chance of missing any of your personal data. So, you can completely put your trust in our service.

When we will complete your task, we will send this to you. You will check the work on your own. If you think it is okay, then we will send the invoice with all the details of the task to you. Then you need to pay as per the invoice. We have both monthly and weekly payment scheme. So you can choose any of them. We accept Vise, Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard, Paypal, Solo, American Express or even Direct Debit. So you will get it more convenient while paying for our service. If you are in the UK, you can also send the payment to our UK bank account. We also have such arrangements.

Our production house situated in a lower labor cost area. So, we mainly focus on the time efficiency and the accuracy while our DTP professionals work for your service. The more efficient and accurate our services are, the more we can be able to provide better services to the clients with an average range of price. Thus, our TC (Top Clipping) staffs provide such low prices services.

It’s completely up to your demand when you want to pay the amount. For your convenience, we have both the weekly and monthly payment system. When we get an order from you, we will add all the details about the work and the client including the batch number, quantity of the products, date of submission, total cost of the service and so on to one invoice. When we will complete your tasks, and you will pay for the service, then you can check the statement for checking all the details. When you get everything is okay, only then you will go for the payment.

We try to ensure the best quality of our service by providing this two you. Our DTP professionals are exceedingly skilled and also qualified for their work. For providing better quality, we check all our works for three times before we decide to send them to you. Our clients always mean all to us.

You can be sure that we are always giving your demand the top priority. Whenever we get an order from you, we try to provide an estimated time for your order or request for quotation. This turnaround time depends upon the quantity of the projects works given by the clients and also on the complexity of the projects as well. When the giving project is an easier one and also has a smaller quantity of images, say 10 to 20 images, then we try to deliver the order within 6 hours to 12 hours. Whenever the project work is a complicated one and also contains more images, then the given approximated turnaround time would be the larger one. In the case of any urgent delivery, we try to deliver you the project submitted to you as early as possible.

If you don’t belong to any account, you first need to sign up for the account. It is very easy to sign up a free account and also less time consuming. You just need only about 2 minutes to sign up a new free account of your own. If there already exists an account for you, then you need to login to that account for the purpose of placing an order. You need to provide your username and password set for your account correctly. Otherwise, the security system might block you from using your account. When you will able to enter into your account, you need to upload your image as the further step. When you are done with that step too, you will be able to submit the order for placing an order.

Yes, you can request a free trial. Suppose, you just want to check the quality of one or two images before you are pursuing your order for the other pictures, you can surely go for it with a free trial. We can provide you some images as the sample. You will get the images available here. So, you can be able to download some of them and ensure the better quality of our service as well. After checking the quality of the sample images, you will need to pay for our services. So, you can completely keep yourself tension free.

You can easily be able to receive a quotation within a very short range of time. For this purpose, you just need to visit our quote request page. There you just need to upload your images as the first step. Then you will need to fill in the form and then submit it. After completing all these steps, you will be able to receive a quotation within 2-4 hours.

You will get us on service for the seven days of the week and in 24 hours as well. We are available from 24/7 of a week for providing you the best service.

You might be very much tensed about this topic. We can ultimately make you assured about the fact that we consider all kinds of business whatever they are big ones or the smaller ones with great priority. You just really need not bother with the maximum and minimum range of the order quantities. Whatever the amount of the order is, we will try to provide the best quality for all. You may give your order for a single image or even for thousand pictures as well. You should not indeed be tensed about the quantity of the figures at all.

We can proudly say that it is quite very rare to get any complaints from our clients. Our Outsource Experts always work very hard and sincere to provide you the best services ever. Despite having so much intensive care, sometimes you might get some problems regarding the quality of some images. If this occurs at any time, then you just need to give us an e-mail describing your demand or complaints about our service. Then as per your suggested modifications, we will surely try our heart and soul to provide you the best quality within the previous record time. Another thing to make you more comfortable about our service is that you need not bear any extra money when you are not satisfied with our projects.

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